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Besides fighting tickets for speeding, stunt driving, careless driving and other traffic offences, Dimin Paralegal also provides legal services for the following offences:

Ontario Provincial Offences Criminal Summary Convictions Employment Law Immigration
Landlord - Tenant Account Recovery Small Claims Court WSIB

Ontario Provincial Offences

Some of the Ontario Provincial Offences are:

Criminal – Summary Convictions

Dimin Paralegal will stand in your corner if you are facing a criminal code offence with the maximum penalty of $2,000 or 6 months in jail. Some examples of this would be:

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Account Recovery

In an ideal world, all accounts would be paid on time. In these economic times sadly this is not the case. I understand that the stress of trying to recover the monies owed to you is daunting. Let Dimin Paralegal facilitate the removal of the yoke that binds you.

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Employment Law

There are two main sources of employment law in Canada; statute law (legislation passed by the government) and common law (judge-made law). The relative importance of each source depends on the particular area of law under consideration. Wrongful dismissal actions, for example, are based on the common law, while minimum employment standards, anti-discrimination, and health and safety laws are provided through statutes.

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Concerns the area of law related to the admission of foreign nationals into Canada, their rights and responsibilities once admitted, and the conditions of their removal. The primary law on these matters is the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which goals include economic growth, family reunification, and compliance with humanitarian treaties.

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Landlord Tenant: (Residential Tenancy Act)

The Residential Tenancy Act applies to landlords and tenants of all residential rental units in Ontario. This includes landlords and tenants of all types of rental housing from units in high-rise apartment buildings to single-family homes. The purpose of this Act is to:

The most common question a tenant has is my lease says no pets, can I get one?

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Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court has jurisdiction in any action for the payment of money or the recovery of personal property where the amount claimed or the value of the property does not exceed the prescribed amount of $25,000.

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Workplace Safety And Insurance Board (WSIB)

The Worker’s Compensation Board, WSIBs predecessor was formed in 1914 through the passage of the Workmen’s Compensation Act. In 1998 the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act was passed in Queen’s Park. This resulted in the formation of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or WSIB which took over the functions of the previous board.

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