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Traffic Tickets

There is a long list of traffic convictions that can earn you demerit points on your license. These are moving violations. The most common traffic violations are:

Before you go and blindly pay your traffic offence, be sure you understand exactly what you are about to do. By paying your fine you are automatically pleading guilty to the offence. This means that particular offence will immediately be registered on your driving record and any demerit points associated with that charge will be registered against your licence as well.

The majority of traffic violations/traffic tickets are accompanied by a certain number of demerit points associated with the offence. These demerit points will remain on your driving record for two years from the date you were convicted of the offence. If you accumulate too many demerit points the Ministry of Transportation will send you a letter for an interview, and may suspend your license. Your traffic convictions will remain on your abstract for three years.

Most people with car insurance will already know that their monthly premiums are calculated using a number of different factors, the vehicle, the driver, and the place where the car is used. When you get a ticket, you might expect your premiums to climb. This means that if your get a speeding ticket 30 km/hr over the posted limit and you pay the fine, your insurance can raise dramatically for the three years this ticket is on your record. Remember Insurance companies reserve the right to drop your policy if they deem you to be too high a risk or they raise your premiums so high that you can’t afford insurance, and affect your ability to obtain insurance from another provider. This will affect your freedom to drive.

You only get one kick at the can; make it count

Highway Traffic Act

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) is an Ontario Act which regulates the licensing of vehicles, classification of traffic offenses. Demerit Points are established by the Ministry of Transportation. Police Officers are not authorized to assign an amount of demerit points to a traffic ticket offence. Demerit points are a standard put forth by the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario (MTO).



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